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Real Reviews
By Real Residents

Real Reviews by Real Residents

We Value Your Feedback

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

“I love living here! Everyone that works here is super nice, maintenance requests are completed super quickly. The property is kept up so well from the dog park, the gym, the pool, everything. I also love that the entire complex is gated and there is a walking trail. “

Alexandra M.

  • “I’ve loved the past month so far! The apartment is beautiful! Neighbors are nice and staff is prompt and helpful! So happy I made the decision to move :)”

    – Anitta P.

  • “A couple months in and everything has been amazing! The community is so warming! The management has been helpful to the end! Supper happy and totally recommend everyone to move here!”

    – Braulio G.

  • “Great place to live at for an even better discounted price. I love the unit and free parking space. I wish dogs on leashes was enforced more. I love the safety aspect of the community as well.”

    – Antriksh A.

  • “Great community, friendly staff, and a beautiful apartment! Moved in over a month ago and it has been a very nice experience. Highly recommended.”

    – Randi C.

  • “The East Vue Ranch staff were friendly, helpful, and very supportive during my move-in. My apartment was clean and ready when I arrived … Thank you for your courteous service and assistance with my relocation! I highly recommend East Vue Ranch for anyone in the Austin area … it’s a GREAT place to live!”

    – Marc K.

  • “Love the apartment space, the pool is awesome, and love being right next to the park! Our patio is huge and has a great view of the social lawn which is also a big plus!”

    – Sterling B.

  • “Amazing staff and a wonderful apartment with great amenities! The security of the gates give us peace of mind too. Being right next to a park is awesome.”

    – Kaylee D.

  • “The amenities are so great it! I love the nature trail and the amount of greenery. Unfortunately, can’t give five stars as the location is somewhat inconvenient.”

    – Luis G.

  • “Everything is great so far. I appreciate that the grounds keeping team works tirelessly to keep the property beautiful, which is something every complex should do yet only East Vue Ranch does.”

    – Jose R.

  • “So far so good fingers crossed lovin the apt so far , love the green and cleanliness of the yards. The study/bbq area looks like a fun chill spot”

    – Jesus C.

  • “Despite a few hiccups, enjoying it so far. Love the place, the greens, the pool and everything about the apartment. Need more maintenance staff though. Common passage ways are dirty and need cleaning. :(”

    – Isha L.

  • “Very beautiful apartments The grass and landscaping is so cute The maintenance man is so nice and helpful The main office help with problems so quickly”

    – Ashlee S.

  • “First apartment life! What a way to start my adulting! East Vue Ranch is new and clean with a dog play area! I can’t wait to try the car wash and dog wash areas! Love it!”

    – Laura K.

  • “The apartment complex is very spacious and and has tons of cool amenities. My dog loves the dog park and dog spa. The pool is pretty big and has a cool layout. The gym offers a wide range of options to complete your workout.”

    – Marc C.

  • “I love the location. So close to the east side and close to my office! The apartment itself is really nice too. Noise levels are low and I like how chill it is- especially towards the back of the complex. The sunsets are gorgeous. I haven’t tried the fitness room and pool yet but I am excited to check them out! Great place for a great price.”

    – Andrea S.

  • “Moving in has been good! The unit was a little dirty when we arrived (looks like it had been sitting vacant for a while). Other than that, I’m pleased so far.”

    – Sheldon S.

  • “The views from the complex are beautiful! You can see planes fly by, colorful sunsets and hear birds singing at all times. It is a peaceful place”

    – Isabela S.

  • “Absolutely love living at this complex. Friendly staff and neighbors! Dog friendly, great amenities, lots of natural lighting in units. Fast response from maintenance”

    – Yahaira C.

  • “Apartmentments are always kept up with, the dog park just got new additions to it which is even better. Also amenities like the pool are always kept clean for residents to use”

    – Amela P.

  • “Loving my time here at EVR so far. The only reason why I’m not giving it a 5 star review is because I really wish residents and staff had a safe and secure place to interact and engage with each other. I expected a community wall in the resident portal or at the very least a private facebook group. I think it’s important that neighbors are able to connect and it’s not always possible for us to meet IRL. That is my biggest ask and I hope you consider it.”

    – Ana M.

  • “It’s been amazing…it’s very different from where I am and I’m adjusting and it helps that everyone here is so kind and willing to help with anything such as groceries or when we were moving in this guy helped us hold doors and get our stuff up! Y’all are so kind”

    – Lauren T.

  • “Safe and quiet place to live in. I like tha all residents are friendly and nice to hang out with so it is perfect to meet new neighbors. One thing I would say is that the dog park is really simple and the pool sometimes feels like it needs more maintenance.”

    – Samuel G.

  • “Love the apartments and the community. Staff is really friendly and helpful. Love that they know there residents by name!!Excellent amenities and the are always having awesome community events!”

    – Matthew F.

  • “East Vue Ranch is a very clean complex and is located in an excellent location. It is close to many Engineering companies and near downtown!”

    – Michael R.

  • “Love the peace and quiet in the area! Moved from Riverside and it was always so loud. I appreciate how clean the property is as well. Our old hallways always smelled like trash.”

    – Leslie M.

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