460 Bastrop Highway SB
Austin, TX 78741
(512) 729-1708

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Real Reviews
By Real Residents

Real Reviews by Real Residents

We Value Your Feedback

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

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“I love living here! Everyone that works here is super nice, maintenance requests are completed super quickly. The property is kept up so well from the dog park, the gym, the pool, everything. I also love that the entire complex is gated and there is a walking trail. “


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Warm & Welcoming

460 Bastrop Highway SB Austin, TX 78741

East Vue Ranch is located squarely at the center of vibrant Austin, Texas, surrounding you with endless opportunities and the great company to share it with.

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