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Real Reviews
By Real Residents

Real Reviews by Real Residents

We Value Your Feedback

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

“I love living here! Everyone that works here is super nice, maintenance requests are completed super quickly. The property is kept up so well from the dog park, the gym, the pool, everything. I also love that the entire complex is gated and there is a walking trail. “

Alexandra M.

  • “East Vue Ranch is a great option when it comes to apartment living. The location is great (just close enough to downtown but far enough for less congestion), the grounds are well-kept, and the community is super friendly. As well, for you dog owners, The dog areas are neat and always stocked with bags. Great choice for anyone looking to live in Austin.”

    – Edgardo H.

  • “It’s been a great safe place to be. I moved from Houston and it’s just been nice having neighbors around who are kind and are willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed. The staff are always responding super fast to anything you need. It’s just been a really good experience.”

    – Lauren T.

  • “I love the amenities but am not a fan of the wasp infestation by the pool. Those things are the size of hummingbirds and they love to dive bomb you while you are lounging. Maybe they are just thirsty… IDK”

    – Michelle H.

  • “Amazing living and friendly people living around us love how clean and neat everything is around the apartment complex as well as also always having an amazing pool gym and trail to walk”

    – Juan R.

  • “It was alright not to bad at all could have been a little better but I won’t complain. I would like to be able to get some coffee at 6 am instead of 8/9”

    – Maurice M.

  • “East Vue Ranch Apartments are great – not in the best area, but the way the complex is walled off against the highway makes it feel super safe and hidden. The girls at the leasing office are really sweet and helpful too! Love that the complex is new and the population is pretty young and without children. It makes for some really chill living :)”

    – Nailea R.

  • “East Vue ranch is amazing! The pool is awesome and very clean. I have enjoyed living here so far and look forward to continuing my lease! Every Maintanence request we’ve had has been taken care of very quickly.”

    – Jason F.

  • “I’ve had a really great time at East Vue Ranch. They really make it feel like a community. Front office knows residents by name and is very responsive.”

    – Yahaira C.

  • “It’s so quiet I enough being home. My neighbors are friendly and the pool is very nice. The gym is nice as well as the mail area. They keep the apartments nice and clean even the building.”

    – Brandon L.

  • “Not so good communication, and when did office Director Jason and Jenifer were too rude over something that deals with safety. Due this I like to have as little contact with management in person but email or text is really not clear and so there are miss communications.”

    – Ana G.

  • “I’m really enjoying my apartment. Just wish our neighbors were a little more courteous when moving furniture on the third floor. We love the pool and location.”

    – Danette W.

  • “Great apartment complex! The location is probably the best although south it is straight off of 183 and 71 which is a great commute. It’s maintenance is the best I’ve experienced and it’s definitely a great place to live.”

    – Moises O.

  • “dumpsters are always full (and all over the walkway to the actual dumpster) because for some reason someone thought it would be a good idea to have a single dumpster for the entire complex. there’s dog poop everywhere on the green areas.”

    – Alyssandra G.

  • “This is a nice place to live. There are great amenities and there’s always something going on. Staff in the office is very cordial and responsive.”

    – Lorene G.

  • “I’ve lived here a little over a year. I really like the open space and the apartment amenities. I also enjoy the community events special movie night.”

    – Ithza O.

  • “It’s been amazing…the best part is how nice everyone is. Very very welcoming. I also love the pool and the activities that are always being held there for the residents it’s a constant reminder we are being taken care of!”

    – Lauren T.

  • “I have emailed and called the office a number times with no response. It seems you are unable to get assistance without going into the office and trying to discuss it in person. Perhaps they are short staffed. 🤷‍♀️”

    – Michelle H.

  • “Everything going well. Community is clean. I think we have snakes, been finding snake skin around building 7/8/9. My dog is real aware of that stuff so I’m a little more cautious at night.”

    – Stephen G.

  • “I’ve loved the past month so far! The apartment is beautiful! Neighbors are nice and staff is prompt and helpful! So happy I made the decision to move :)”

    – Anitta P.

  • “A couple months in and everything has been amazing! The community is so warming! The management has been helpful to the end! Supper happy and totally recommend everyone to move here!”

    – Braulio G.

  • “Great place to live at for an even better discounted price. I love the unit and free parking space. I wish dogs on leashes was enforced more. I love the safety aspect of the community as well.”

    – Antriksh A.

  • “Great community, friendly staff, and a beautiful apartment! Moved in over a month ago and it has been a very nice experience. Highly recommended.”

    – Randi C.

  • “The East Vue Ranch staff were friendly, helpful, and very supportive during my move-in. My apartment was clean and ready when I arrived … Thank you for your courteous service and assistance with my relocation! I highly recommend East Vue Ranch for anyone in the Austin area … it’s a GREAT place to live!”

    – Marc K.

  • “Love the apartment space, the pool is awesome, and love being right next to the park! Our patio is huge and has a great view of the social lawn which is also a big plus!”

    – Sterling B.

  • “Amazing staff and a wonderful apartment with great amenities! The security of the gates give us peace of mind too. Being right next to a park is awesome.”

    – Kaylee D.

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