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Real Reviews
By Real Residents

Real Reviews by Real Residents

We Value Your Feedback

We know residents want the best living experience possible. Because we recognize the importance of understanding your residential community throughout, we appreciate valuable feedback from current and former residents that will allow us to continue offering an unbeatable lifestyle in our community.

“I love living here! Everyone that works here is super nice, maintenance requests are completed super quickly. The property is kept up so well from the dog park, the gym, the pool, everything. I also love that the entire complex is gated and there is a walking trail. “

Alexandra M.

  • “Love living here! Staff is so friendly and amenities are so clean and nice! A great location as it’s only 10 minutes from downtown and close to other great coffee shops and restaurants!”

    – Jessica A.

  • “It’s alright. Dog owners just haven’t been good picking up after their dogs lately so now I see a lot of dog poop around the complex in grassy areas.”

    – Ha Z.

  • “I’ve enjoyed my stay at these apartment very much since I moved here in May. Everyone is super nice, the amenities are great and the a/c here is amazing (important in Texas).”

    – Stefan S.

  • “People are great! Noise and drama very low. Feel pretty safe here. Love the pool table and etc area but due to the office hours i have never been able to enjoy them and i dont think the pool is the place for my 54 year old self! lol”

    – Joseph B.

  • “Quiet community. Enjoy the amenities. Have not had any issues with neighbors or other residents. Lots of dogs in the community, big and little.”

    – Victoria O.

  • “Love living here now 3 months in! Staff is so nice and responsive! Lots of dog friendly walking areas, great amenities and events, and beautiful spacious units”

    – Anitta P.

  • “Great location in my opinion, and easy to get to. The apartment is nice and I’ve been here a month. The only thing that I don’t like is that the water smells sometimes. I’m not sure why. And also light in my kitchen flickers a lot. Not all the time but usually if I have it on and the TV or anything else. It’s not that bad but it is bothersome sometimes”

    – Rubi P.

  • “Peaceful, quiet, and friendly. Everyone seems nice and the complex itself is well taken care of. The employees are wonderful and very helpful. Had no issues with anyone”

    – Danica S.

  • “Facilities are good and management / staff are very responsive. Things get a little dirty (aka pests) but my living experience has been nice.”

    – Jonathan P.

  • “From tour to move-in, customer service has been beyond exceptional. Really enjoy the resident events and contests. The staff is top notch :-)”

    – Deslaune B.

  • “it’s okay. the facilities are nice, it’s a pretty modern place. the gym has essentials, but is nothing fancy. getting harder to find parking now that there’s more and more people living there”

    – Alyssandra G.

  • “We moved in about 2 days ago and the experience has been great! Everyone has been so nice and helpful with any questions we have. The dog park is beautiful and there are soooo many dogs here I love it. The property is beautiful. Hopefully we continue to feel this way about it.”

    – Andrea S.

  • “We would like to have our hallways more clean up . They look dirty and does not reflect the cost of living also we it would be great to have a ramp when turning from the highway Into the complex. Many time vehicle are almost close to crash into us when trying to turn”

    – Elizabeth M.

  • “Great community with nice amenities. Walls are a little thin so can hear neighbors. Would also love if there was a compost pickup added to the trash pickup service”

    – Michael F.

  • “So far so good. Super dog friendly which is helpful. Gym has everything I need. Hope the peloton can get fixed soon but i know y’all are in the process!”

    – Stephen G.

  • “So far so good. I have no complaints about the complex as a whole. I love the gym. I think the pool is really nice. I sometimes just doubt my roommate choices.”

    – Talia M.

  • “East Vue Ranch is a great option when it comes to apartment living. The location is great (just close enough to downtown but far enough for less congestion), the grounds are well-kept, and the community is super friendly. As well, for you dog owners, The dog areas are neat and always stocked with bags. Great choice for anyone looking to live in Austin.”

    – Edgardo H.

  • “It’s been a great safe place to be. I moved from Houston and it’s just been nice having neighbors around who are kind and are willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed. The staff are always responding super fast to anything you need. It’s just been a really good experience.”

    – Lauren T.

  • “I love the amenities but am not a fan of the wasp infestation by the pool. Those things are the size of hummingbirds and they love to dive bomb you while you are lounging. Maybe they are just thirsty… IDK”

    – Michelle H.

  • “Amazing living and friendly people living around us love how clean and neat everything is around the apartment complex as well as also always having an amazing pool gym and trail to walk”

    – Juan R.

  • “It was alright not to bad at all could have been a little better but I won’t complain. I would like to be able to get some coffee at 6 am instead of 8/9”

    – Maurice M.

  • “East Vue Ranch Apartments are great – not in the best area, but the way the complex is walled off against the highway makes it feel super safe and hidden. The girls at the leasing office are really sweet and helpful too! Love that the complex is new and the population is pretty young and without children. It makes for some really chill living :)”

    – Nailea R.

  • “East Vue ranch is amazing! The pool is awesome and very clean. I have enjoyed living here so far and look forward to continuing my lease! Every Maintanence request we’ve had has been taken care of very quickly.”

    – Jason F.

  • “I’ve had a really great time at East Vue Ranch. They really make it feel like a community. Front office knows residents by name and is very responsive.”

    – Yahaira C.

  • “It’s so quiet I enough being home. My neighbors are friendly and the pool is very nice. The gym is nice as well as the mail area. They keep the apartments nice and clean even the building.”

    – Brandon L.

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